LII International Scientific Conference on Control Processes and Stability (CPS'21)
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 5 – 9 April 2021

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Plenary session
About constructive nonsmooth analysis.
The talk will focus on constructive nonsmooth analysis which is one of the branches of modern mathematics that studies nondifferentiable functions. One of the first nonsmooth problems was formulated and solved by P.L. Chebyshev. He was looking for an algebraic polynomial of least deviation from zero. The result of the solution of the problem was famous Chebyshev polynomials which have many applications. The history of nonsmooth analysis goes back for almost two centuries. We will give a brief historical overview on the creation of a mathematical apparatus for the study of nondifferentiable functions by constructive methods. We will describe the elements of calculus as well as the basic concepts and statements of nonsmooth analysis. The report provides a quick look on some of the solved problems. It also presents new actual ones. We invite everyone to solve them with us.
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03.03.2021 - 10:30:35
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