L International Scientific Conference on Control Processes and Stability (CPS'19)
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 8 – 12 April 2019

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Plenary session
Pogozhev S.V. «Advanced computer technologies and their application to signal processing systems»
In recent years, computer technologies have wormed its way into almost all spheres of human activity. Intelligent computer systems are being developed that are capable of replacing a person when making decisions, as well as while managing various objects and processes. Artificial intelligence becomes a key element of new applications and tools for big data analytics. Unmanned ground vehicles, autonomous transport networks, robots, unmanned aerial vehicle, and seagoing vessels are being developed at an accelerated pace. Smart cities are designed, in which digital and communication technologies are used to solve various infrastructure and social problems: management of traffic, lighting, education, healthcare, etc. One of the main technologies for organizing smart cities is the Internet of Things, which is a key trend in the global economy for the upcoming decades. In addition to systems for finding criminals and access control to high-security facilities, face recognition techniques are used for payment systems. At the same time, smart voice assistants become our constant companions in everyday life. The report will consider state-of-art computer technologies that can be applied to signal processing systems and control processes.
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